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f07db9e1-edef-4a05-b8f6-1f9c2b2f610bBest Care Animal Hospital, Country Oaks Animal Hospital and Animal Care Center are offering Puppy Kindergarten!

Puppy Kindergarten classes are held on Saturday afternoons and are 6 one hour classes, the cost is $120.00. Puppies will learn the commands “puppy please”(sit), down, puppy push-ups, look or watch me, stay, manners while walking and puppies will also have recess and group playtime.

Contact Tiffany at (727)376-7600 and sign up for puppy classes to day!

If you would like to enroll your puppy in Tiffany’s Puppy Kindergarten classes please call to sign up! Tiffany works out of our main office Animal Care Center, but holds all classes at Best Care Animal Hospital.

All puppies must have proof of vaccines prior to coming to their first class. Vaccines that are required are Rabies (RV) vaccine if puppy is older than 16 weeks, Distemper combo (Da2PP), Bordetella (BB)and a negative stool (fecal)sample.

0b2e76a1-4919-4b23-81cd-faa2011d33a9Puppy Kindergarten is your puppies first step to socialization with people, other animals and “The Big New World”!
With these classes Tiffany’s goal is to help puppies and people get off on the “right paw” by developing lasting relationships between puppies and their owners and also puppies and the veterinary hospital. Dogs need to visit the veterinary hospital at least once a year, why not make it fun!

Tiffany asks that you bring soft treats, buckle or snap on collar (no pinch or prong collars), 4ft or 6ft flat leash (no retractable leashes) and family members involved in puppies training and development. Children are welcome too and we encourage owners to bring children!

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At Country Oaks Animal Hospital, we strive to provide compassionate care for pets with courteous service for our clients, always fostering the special bond that exists between them.

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