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New Clients

At Country Oaks Animal Hospital, our mission is to provide care and support to as many pets as we can. We warmly welcome new clients and look forward to meeting you!

For those who haven't visited us before, our hospital is a comfortable and modern facility designed with your pet's health and comfort in mind. Our medical team is dedicated to ensuring both you and your pet feel relaxed and well-cared for.

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What to Expect at Your Appointment

Your first visit starts with a technician recording your pet's medical history. Following that, your vet will conduct a thorough examination of your pet from head to tail, discuss their findings and any suggested treatments, answer your questions, and provide any necessary medications. Finally, we'll help you handle the payment details at our front desk.

Your insights into your pet's behavior and health are invaluable. We see ourselves as your allies in maintaining your pet's well-being. Feel free to ask us anything during your pet's visit - we're here to support you!

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New Client Form

New Client Form

Owner and Patient Information

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Maximum file size: 52.43MB