Pet Wellness Care in New Port Richey, FL

At Country Oaks Animal Hospital, our mission is to keep your pet healthy and happy with a strategic approach to wellness care. We emphasize early detection and prevention, ensuring your pet avoids potential health issues and stays ahead of illnesses. Our preventive care is centered around the annual pet wellness exam—essential for both dogs and cats. These initial exams set a baseline for your pet's health, providing a critical point of comparison for identifying changes or concerns in their health over time.

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Pillars of Preventive Health: Annual Pet Wellness Exams

Comprehensive annual wellness exams are at the heart of preventive care, offering a full picture of your pet’s health and facilitating the early detection of any shifts or emerging issues in their condition.

Our recommendations include:

  • Yearly wellness visits for adult dogs and cats to ensure they're at their healthiest.
  • Semi-annual checkups for senior pets over the age of seven to keep a closer watch on their health dynamics.
  • Introductory exams for young puppies and kittens to kickstart a regime of good health.

Our detailed wellness evaluations involve:

  • Measuring body temperature and monitoring weight changes
  • A thorough inspection of the eyes, ears, and mouth
  • Evaluation of the heart, lungs, abdomen, skin, and coat
  • Assessment of musculoskeletal health including bones and joints, alongside dental checks
  • Blood and fecal tests to detect parasites and evaluate the health of internal organs
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The Role of Parasite Prevention and Consistent Blood Tests

Defending your pet from parasites is a critical component of their overall health and comfort. Parasites like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are not just nuisances; they pose serious health risks, including diseases such as Lyme disease and heartworm. Consistent blood and fecal testing plays a vital role in the early detection and management of diseases, ensuring your pet remains healthy and parasite-free.

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