Your Visit to Country Oaks Animal Hospital in New Port Richey, FL

Veterinarian with dog

Your Appointment Experience

At Country Oaks Animal Hospital, we're excited to meet you and your pet! Upon arrival, our welcoming reception staff will be there to greet you both. A technician will soon escort you to an examination room, gather some preliminary information to inform the vet, and measure your pet’s weight and temperature.

Your vet will inquire about any concerns or questions you might have before conducting a comprehensive physical exam to identify any abnormalities. Should further investigation be needed, they may suggest laboratory tests or imaging right here at our facility, offering prompt results and clear next steps.

We encourage you to ask questions at any point. Our team at Country Oaks Animal Hospital is committed to ensuring you're well-informed and comfortable with any treatment options we recommend.

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Following Your Appointment

Once your appointment is over, a veterinary technician or someone from our reception team will come in to wrap up your visit. They'll offer helpful advice and address any additional questions you may have about your pet's health and care regimen. Our reception staff will assist with your payment and schedule your next visit.

Please note: We prioritize timely service for all our clients and pets. Nevertheless, emergencies do occur, and unexpected delays can happen. We make every effort to minimize wait times for everyone. The team at Country Oaks Animal Hospital eagerly awaits the opportunity to welcome you and your pets!

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