Dr Marc

Dr. Marc


Marc Bremmer, DVM, was born and raised in Central Florida. Most of his early childhood was spent visiting his grandparents’ beach house. With weekends and summer breaks building sandcastles and playing in the ocean waves. As he grew older, so did his love of animals.

Animal-focused Summer camps began to replace visiting the beaches, and his parents often found him watching Animal Planet on the tv or reading about animals in different books. While his fascination with animals came naturally, his passion for science and medicine can be attributed entirely to his mother, Pam. She is a Nurse Practitioner in Pediatric Medicine and used to tell Marc about her days and interesting medical cases. As he began to understand the world of medicine, he directed his academic career towards entering medical school. However life had different plans.

During college he found his love of animals when he worked in a horse barn at a summer camp for kids with chronic and life threatening illnesses, and that experience left him questioning his path in human medicine. After graduating from Rollins College with a Bachelor’s in Biology, and his mind undecided on pursuing medical school, he applied and was extended a job offer, to be one of two lead reptile keepers at a prominent wildlife sanctuary in Florida. It was there he learned to embrace his Florida roots and spend his days caring for and playing with alligators, crocodiles, snakes, and even monitor lizards!

Through this position, he made connections with Dr. Richmond that gave him an open door into the world of veterinary medicine. At Country Oaks Animal Hospital he was fortunate to work as a Technician’s Assistant where he became quick friends with the staff, while learning and growing his passion for veterinary medicine. With help from Dr. Richmond, and support from the staff, he applied to St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine and was sitting in his first lecture in spring of 2019.

Dr. Marc Graduated from St. George’s University in January of 2023, and spent his first year of practice in rural Colorado treating any animal that walked in the door. Ready to leave the cold Colorado winters, he is excited to return home to Tampa, so he can be close to his friends and family, as well as give back to the community.

With a special interest in Internal Medicine/Critical Care, and a growing interest in treating Exotic Animals, Dr. Marc is excited to return to the clinic that truly became a springboard for his career and helped him achieve his dreams of practicing veterinary medicine.

He spends most of his free time engaging in outdoor activities with his dog Zeus, spending quality time with his mother and his friends, playing World of Warcraft, and watching Netflix movies cuddled up with his cat Lord Victor.

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